À mots doux je peux le dire Sans contrefaçon Je suis un garçon Photographer Elsa Trillat explained that the lyrics were written very quickly taking somewhere between thirty minutes and two hours by poolside, using a dictionary of synonyms. Farmer decided to change her dress style to match the song theme.

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Mylène Farmer, apocalyptique à La Défense Arena

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Then it shows a man and his puppet representing Farmer who are thrown outside in the rain by two transvestites. He is kicked out of the theatre in which he performed in a show called "Sans Contrefaçon".

Mylène Farmer

He cleans his puppet's muddy face with utmost care and devotion and starts walking away to some desolate land. There in the middle of the misty nowhere, he encounters a troupe of athletes who are members of a circus named "Giorgino Circus.

However, a black dressed woman gives to the puppeteer a little bit of purée and he starts eating. The woman, fascinated by the doll, takes it in her arms but the other members of the circus snatch it from her and start bashing the puppet around.

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Terrified, the woman tries to retrieve the doll and when she succeeds, she runs away with it. The puppeteer, afraid for the future of his beloved creature, follows her to a seashore and suddenly discovers that his puppet is alive: it has turned into Mylène Farmer, who is playing with the woman. But when Farmer sees the puppeteer, she is terrified and attempts to run away.

The man pursues her and manages to reach her when she falls on the sandy ground. He lifts her up, wipes her face clean, hugs her and they share a kiss. After a while, as the black-clad woman from the circus grows grim at the sight of these proceedings, Farmer turns into the puppet again, much to the chagrin of the man who is unhappy and desperate, while the circus goes away.

He yells and pleads for help but all in vain. The closing sequence of the video is a dream-like vision of the puppeteer who is squatting and hugging his darling, who is once again alive.

Reception and symbolism[ edit ] This video was nominated in the category 'Best videoclip' in the Victoires de la Musique , but did not win.

Interviewed in the show Nulle Part Ailleurs, broadcast on 23 November , Farmer said she was surprised by the song's success, saying "I think it's the 7" that started the fastest. The public says "yes" gradually and more and more strongly. Indeed, the man, as a possessive mother, has an exclusive love for his puppet. But the arrival of a third party allows it to take life, "to be born from a psychological point of view".

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He thinks the video is "the most moving films by Boutonnat, a masterpiece of pessimism and misanthropy , because ultimately, all the protagonists lose". Sometimes, she was also interviewed and, on certain shows, she performed another hit. Farmer almost always wore male clothes with black and white checks and a cap the same costume as she wore during her tour.

In , she promoted the song on Swedish and Italian programmes, on 28 April and 13 July. The song is the one that is included most often on the singer's various compilations and live albums.

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In the tour , Farmer wears a black and white checked trousers, a cap with the same patterns, and a jacket. First, she performs a choreography moving her hips, then she is joined by all dancers. Dancers come in holding hands and start a choreography during which they mime a street brawl.

The projectors are of the same colors as the dancers' wigs. During the concerts at Bercy , Farmer is dressed with black feathers and had a big hat.

The giant screens and the central cross display signs "masculine-feminine" that move in all directions and form somewhat like a hopscotch game. She performs the same collective choreography as on the previous tours.