The Joubran brothers come from a well-known family with a rich artistic heritage. Their mother, Ibtisam Hanna Joubran, sang the Muwachahats poems that originated in Arab Spain while their father is among the most renowned stringed-instrument makers in Palestine and in the Arab world. The story of the Joubran Trio's creation can be traced back some ten years. Samir Joubran, the eldest, started his solo career with his first two albums, Taqaseem and Sou'fahm

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At five, his father introduces him to the oud.

The encounter between boy and instrument is more like the passionate encounter of two lovers. At nine, Samir enters the Nazareth Institute of Music.

His musical talents are recognized in the musical workshops and seminars he attends in various arabic and European countries, leading him to teach the oud in a large number of schools and institutes.

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The Joubran family adventure begins with Samir, an innovative soloist. Their first album, Taqaseem, comes out in , followed by Sou'fahm in His first album under the Daqui label the label of the Atypical Nights in Langon , Tamaas, appears in His run of performances in European and Middle Eastern venues begins.

At the time, Samir is the only Palestinian performing outside the borders of his country. He is also the first musician to be awarded, in , a two-year scholarship to Italy through the Writer's Asylum Program which is organized by the International Parliament of Writers.

His musical virtuosity receives universal acclaim, and he is quickly invited to play with numerous other artists, in particular with great poets of the likes of Mahmoud Darwish. Music allies itself with the spoken word to bring to life poetry where melancholy and passion are inextricably mixed.

The Last Flight

Samir Joubran's musical talent is acknowledged by the movie world when he composes the original sound track for Rashir Masharawi's Ticket to Jerusalem. He is then contacted by director François Dupeyron.

Three tracks from the album Tamaas are included in the sound track of Inguélézi. Three titles from Randana are used in Parvez Sharmas' documentary A jihad for love coming out this year.

After Randana, the first album to bring together all three Joubran brothers, their new opus, Majâz, will come out this fall. With Palesine beating in his heart, driven by his desire to give voice to his oud, Samir Joubran will travel the world with his brothers.

The first is for our career, and the other is for peace in Palestine, and the end of the occupation. Durant une heure, ce sont les mots qui vibrent sous les cordes pincées.

Le Trio Joubran

Religieusement, humblement, un dialogue s'instaure entre le verbe et la musique, entre le présent et le passé. Il n'y a plus de barrières.

La voix du grand poète est présente. Rien ne peut la briser. Ni la volonté humaine ni même la mort. Elle est vivante, et la musique du Trio Joubran vient la transmettre, assurer sa pérennité.

Entretien en compagnie d'Adnan du Trio Joubran

Avec beaucoup de déférence et de respect, les musiciens écoutent les paroles du poète. Le film documentaire Improvisations, Samir et ses frères, de Raed Andoni, retrace la création du groupe et leur premier concert, donné en septembre au Jardin du Luxembourg à Paris [3].

En , ils collaborent au spectacle de danse contemporaine Beytna du chorégraphe libanais Omar Rajeh. Pour le cinéma, le premier film de Nassim Amaouche , Adieu Gary , utilise des titres de l'album Majâz.